Chris Winstead

Chris Winstead

Associate Professor

Utah State University

Core Areas: Error correction algorithms, architectures and circuit applications. Probabilistic logic, soft computing and noise-enhanced algorithms. Neuromorphic and Bayesian circuits and systems. Reliability and energy efficiency in signal processing systems.

Specialized Interests: Micro-power implementation for communication signal processing. Stochastic and “bit-flipping” algorithms for error correction and signal processing. Probabilistic design for embedded error control in digital circuits. Analog Bayesian circuits for signal-processing in low-power wireless systems. Anomaly detection and attack inference for hardware security.

Applications: Implementation of LDPC and Turbo decoders. Bio-implantable and transcutaneous wireless transceivers. Fault-tolerant logic and memories post-CMOS electronics. Circuit-based modeling and synthesis of synthetic biological systems.

  • Error correction
  • Stochastic computing
  • Statistical simulation and importance sampling
  • VLSI systems
  • PhD in Electrical Engineering, 2005

    University of Alberta

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, 2000

    University of Utah